Black Salt in Details


Salt itself is an excellent protection and cleansing agent.

Black salt is most often used to expel unwanted energy and protect against it. It can be used in different ways. Most often, it is sprinkled on the corners of the house, an unwanted thing, and also used in spells and rituals.

Black salt is pretty easy (and fun) to make. You can use:

  • coal
  • ash (only, please, ash from pure wood)
  • black pepper
  • black food coloring is also fine if nothing else is at hand

Powder what will turn your salt black. Once you’re happy with the consistency, add salt (both plain and sea salt are great). The proportions are at your discretion, we prefer 1d1.

As you mix salt and black powder, think about everything you want to protect, how evil goes away and positive energy comes in its place.

How can black salt be used:

  • store it in a tight pouch under the pillow to ward off nightmares
  • add a pinch to the bath before sinking into it, if you are dull and sad or after a hard day/ritual
  • clean items in a black salt bath
  • sprinkle lightly on things that carry negative memories or experiences

Keep in mind that black salt perfectly absorbs negativity, and it is best to get rid of it as follows: the used salt must be buried in a place where people do not walk, away from your house, or thrown into a live fire

  1. You’ve given me something to think about. I will keep this post to use if I find I have negative energy to deal with.

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