Contemplation of the Skeleton

Perhaps some of you have already done it, because this technique is quite old. It aims to renew itself, and allows you to take off your old moth-eaten skin and put on a new one, beautiful and sleek.

Relax completely and suppress your thoughts. Just lie there for a while and feel nothing. Silence should be absolute, and the position of the body as comfortable as possible.

Form in your head the thought that you are going to die. Your life, as it is now, simply cannot continue, so it’s time to end it and live in a new way.

From the darkness under your eyelids, step onto the river bank with a very fast current. Almost nothing grows on the river bank. There are only gray stones under your feet, unpleasant to the touch of your foot, and rare trees hardly cling to the stones with their roots.

It is sad and sad to be on the shore. The coast seemed to be frozen, and 1000 years ago it was the same. The only thing that changes here is the river, which flows rapidly somewhere. Come to the water, feel it with your foot. She is cold from moving quickly. However, in spite of this, you have to step into the river, and dive into it up to your waist.

Get used to the water, whose cold burns your skin. Trust the river, lie on your back in the water, and let the current carry you wherever it flows.

Above you, while you are lying, you see a gray, heavy sky, which either has already burst into rain, or is still just gathering.

The clouds move slowly and lazily.

After a while, you feel that you are approaching some shore. The river carries you to the grotto. You hit the stone bottom with your feet, and so as not to get hurt, take an upright position in the water, and swim until the water ends in the floor of a small cave.

The floor is stone, prickly and cold, and from the depths of the cave it smells of dampness and blows cold.

This is the very place where you will die. Walk a little deeper into the cave, lie down on the floor and wait for death.

Soon, behind you you hear heavy animal footsteps and loud snuffling. A bear is coming to you – the owner of this cave. He comes closer and closer, feel how he breathes on you, sniffs, what a wet nose he has.

Now, try, mentally, as if to rise to the ceiling of the cave and look at what is happening from the side. Here you are, lying on the floor, and here is a bear….devouring your body.

Watch him rip your flesh off your bones, arms, legs, belly, and even your face. You turn into a bloody mess.

When the bear gnaws at you completely and leaves – look at your skeleton.

You are dead. Terrible, huh? Not. Someone is looking at the skeleton from the side.

It is you. This means that you are alive. Enter what is left of you. Feel your skeleton and start breathing deeply. With each breath, build up a piece of meat on your skeleton.

So you are updated.

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