Filling Candles with Oils

The oil, which has its own characteristics and is able to enhance the effect of the ritual, can only be added in two ways.

  • The first is to add oil to the wax while making the candle

Approximately 1-3% of the oil by weight of the wax is added. At the same time, the use of more than 2 oils is not allowed, and then on condition that they complement each other without creating a conflict.

  • The second way to add oil is to coat the candle

It is important to remember that in this case you cannot use more than one oil, and also that the effect of using oil in this case will be much lower than if the oil was inside the candle itself.


Despite the fact that the orange looks, to say the least, frivolous, its oil is widely used in protective rituals. It is able to protect a person from rash acts, to protect against various influences, to help return what is unfairly taken away from a person.


Bergamot is an oil that helps a person get what they deserve. It helps to find yourself, find your own business or occupation to your liking. It is often used in rituals aimed at obtaining money or benefits from a business that a person is engaged in.


Jasmine oil is used when you want to spur the situation. Oil can speed up any process, activate human activity, and help to get out of a stagnant state. It is used in monetary rituals, to enhance career growth, increase the profitability of the business and increase luck.


Increases sensitivity and emotional sensitivity of a person, relaxes and makes a person less suspicious. It is used in love magic both to attract the attention of a particular person and for love spells, to enhance sympathy and attractiveness from others.


It has a strengthening effect and the ability to open up the internal reserves of a person. It is used in rituals aimed at achieving the intended, personal growth and success in business.


Lavender oil pacifies, stimulates the disclosure of positive qualities in a person. Under the influence of the oil used in the appropriate rituals, a person is more malleable, gentle and willing to compromise. Usually lavender oil is “heavier” oils, which are aimed at the formation of interpersonal relationships, with quarrels between spouses, to eliminate conflicts.


Frankincense oil has protective properties. Helps cleanse a person or room of negative energy. It is used in rituals of purification or protection of a person, room and things.


Lotus oil, due to its effective influence on the spiritual world of a person, can help a person deal with the problems of the past or get rid of them. It is used in rituals aimed at getting rid of what hinders a person and keeps him in the past – resentment, fears, grief, worries and everything that appears over and over again in his memories.


Magnolia oil is used to enhance the ritual process. It is used in repeated actions, when the result has already been achieved, but gradually the influence of the previous ritual begins to weaken. Nourishes the action without making adjustments or changing its focus.


Myrtle oil is used as a blessing oil, giving purity and strength to what it is used for. It is used in rituals of cleansing a person, things from negativity, it is able to cleanse the energy of a room from negative energy and astral dirt. Possesses protective characteristics.


Juniper oil is used as a healing agent with healing characteristics from both the energetic and the physical plane. It is used in rituals aimed at restoring a person after an illness, increasing his tone, and recovery. It is also used in rituals to eliminate magical effects, helping a person to quickly regain lost strength.


Used as a distraction to prevent a person from realizing that they are being influenced. It is often used by magicians in order to hide traces of magical influence from prying eyes in order to be unable to guess and resist the action.


Peppermint oil is an oil of innermost desires. It is used in rituals aimed at achieving a goal, getting what a person wants. Perfect for enhancing a Wish Fulfillment candle or any other ritual where a person’s desire is clearly articulated.


Patchouli oil, like herb, is used as a cleansing agent. Eliminates negativity, heals diseases by cleansing a person. As an autonomous agent, it can be used in rituals aimed at general cleansing of the human body, to cleanse the room.


The effect of rose oil is similar to that of rose petals, but there is a difference. So, rose oil is coarser than petals and its use in love rituals is possible only if there are lighter components, for example, the same rose petals.

In this case, a very effective and highly active connection is obtained, against which few can resist. Without additional components, it is worth using only in relation to already established relationships in order to strengthen and protect them from external influences.


Lilac oil removes the effects of psychological tension, fears and stifling feelings. It is used as a base oil if a person does not perceive the influence poorly due to the fact that he is in strong mental confusion, stress or illness, allowing other components to penetrate the person’s energy and begin to influence.


Pine oil is used as a tonic and healing agent. Increases the general tone of a person, helps to quickly recuperate, heal and recover. It is used in healing rituals, less often in the case when a large amount of creative energy is needed to feed other components of the ritual.


The oil of mental concentration, which allows you to gather strength and do what is required of a person.
It is used in rituals of managing people when it is necessary for a person to do something specific, required of him. In addition, it can be used as a personal stimulant of attention and concentration in the ritual for better focus on the process.


Violet oil increases intellectual tone, makes a person more attentive and focused, and allows you to more widely use your mental abilities. It is used in rituals aimed at increasing intelligence, for success in scientific activity, study, for successful passing of exams.

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