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How the Moon Affects Our Daily Life

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When we lift our eyes to the night sky, we are mesmerized by the radiance of the stars and the dark sea of ​​the sky. But the first glance reaches for the moon.

The moon is beautiful. She fascinates, beckons, excites. Its cold light fills the world with shadows, midtones and magic. Look at the moon and you will understand why the ancestors worshiped her.

She is beautiful and mysterious. On a dark night, we ourselves are ready to become her faithful servants.

But as soon as the first ray of light dispels the lunar magic, we wake up doubts: does the moon affect the psyche and human behavior or is it ancient fairy tales?

What does science say?

The change in the phases of the moon affects the behavior of pedestrians and drivers: on a new moon, accidents involving pedestrians occur 22% more often.

Can we attribute this to a lack of light on the new moon? Or do streetlights and city lights sufficiently illuminate the roads that the moon influences behavior? The question remains open.

In Britain, there are more police patrols on the street on full moon days than on other days. Police statistics show that there are more offenses on the days of the full moon than in the rest of the lunar month.

A group of Swiss scientists published an article in Current Biology on the effects of moon phases on brain activity. Using the example of the duration and quality of sleep, and the speed of falling asleep, scientists prove the effect of a full moon on brain activity.

The subjects were not told about the purpose of the study, they were previously placed in a laboratory where they could neither observe the full moon outside the window, nor go online to check the lunar cycle.

They had several days to get used to the laboratory environment. On a full moon, subjects slept longer and slept less.

A decrease in brain activity was recorded during this period. The assumption about the influence of the lunar phases on the electrophysiological activity of the brain was confirmed.

Personal experience

I do not constantly check the lunar calendar, planning every sneeze by lunar cycles. It is more pleasant for me to look at the moon from the window, determining the phase and movement by eye.

If I am planning deep meditations or important things, sometimes I look at the lunar calendar. What does it give me?

Feeling of unity with nature, her feminine essence. Looking at the moon is a meditative and calming act in itself.

Sometimes I walk in the forest at night, and the light of the moon illuminates my path through the gloomy branches of the trees.

I believe in lunar planning, so things are moving better for me when correlated with the phases of the moon. But the important thing to remember about the placebo effect is that perhaps I believe so, which is why it is so.

Are you checking the lunar cycles? And if so, how and why?


Taylor Bloom

My credo is only reliable information and my goal is the synergy of traditions with modern knowledge, because only the best is worth taking from life.

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October 28, 2022

We love looking at the moon and the stars. We live in the city but whenever we are able to have a clear night and see the big bright moon, it just brightens our mood. We have a few apps on our phone that will tell us the name of different stars and planets in the sky along with the lunar cycle. We even get our kids involved.

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