Immunity tea


Here’s a recipe for tea that will definitely come in handy in the fall, but now cold version can please you.

  • Rose hips – 3 parts
  • Flowers (or grass) St. John’s wort – 2 parts
  • Elecampane root – part 1
  • Linden flowers – part 1
  • Clover flowers – part 1

Mix all this happiness, put it in a thermos and fill it with boiling water at the rate of 1 glass of boiling water per 1 teaspoon of the mixture. Let it brew for an hour.

If you want to try this tea cold, then after the tea has been infused for an hour, strain it into a jug, let it cool to room temperature and put it in the fridge.

You can also make honey ice: dissolve a few tablespoons of honey in warm water, pour into molds, put in the freezer.

Enjoy your tea!

  1. A thoughtful offer for summer. Thanks. I live in the tropics. We often need something cold during the day.

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