Let’s Help My Little Lizzie

Hello our dear friends and everyone who sees this post.

During the birth Lizzie “broke down” and later, when she was transferred from the maternity hospital to the hospital, it turned out that this had happened before. Doctors found as many as twelve damaged bones.

Lizzie spent the first few weeks of her life in the hospital, almost entirely in a cast. It was then that she was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta.

Almost since birth, Lizzie has been on bisphosphonate therapy to help strengthen fragile bones, but unfortunately, treatment alone is not enough.

Lizzy’s clinic plans to perform an operation, during which support pins will be inserted into the legs. These will be telescopic pins that will move apart inside the bone as our girl grows.

Installed pins minimize the risk of further fractures.

The cost of treatment is unbearable for us – $18,300, so we turn to you for help.

Lizzy needs a chance for life and we really hope to meet kind hearts ❤

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