Magic Of Chestnut

Speaking of the chestnut as a magic tree, we mean not so much the tree itself as its shiny, like polished fruits, hiding for the time being in a chopped shell.

And although different traditions say about the same thing about chestnut, there are still conflicting facts.

For example, for Christians, chestnut is a symbol of chastity, it gives believers strength in the fight against temptations.

At the same time, others say that the chestnut is not so plush and righteous: it is selfish, and the amulets from it are just as selfish, they love frequent touching, and at the same time they pour this character trait to the owner a little.

However, chestnuts are so beautiful after the rain and so pleasant to the touch that you want to stroke them and hold them in your hand without any requests or coercion.

When you need to take care of yourself, your health, then such an amulet will help to postpone worries about others for a while.

They say that a chestnut put in a pocket on the growing moon brings health. It is useful to stomp with bare feet on peeled fruits (which is logical, foot massage has not harmed anyone yet).

The people believe that peeled chestnut fruits are the simplest amulet for protection from evil forces and the evil eye.

It is enough to put two or three shiny fruits in your pocket and carry them with you. Last year’s will also do, the main thing is that it is not wrinkled and retains its blackness.

Some even recommend using chestnuts to clean the house of negativity.

  1. Choose one of the days when in the morning (before 11) you can vacuum the entire perimeter of the housing, and then collect eight chestnuts still in the shell.

  2. Spread the collected fruits in different corners of the house and leave for 10 days.

  3. After 10 days, collect them and go to the forest or park. There, remove the peel from the chestnuts and burn it, and leave the fruits themselves on the ground.

For the druids, Chestnut is a tree born from 15 to 24 May and from 12 to 21 November.

The main character traits of these people: organizational skills, observation and insight, courage and realism, dreaminess and extravagance.

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