Magic of Rhinestone


Rock crystal is a type of quartz that is the most abundant trace element on Earth. Theophrastus took crystal for “frozen ice”. Hence, apparently, the name of the mineral originated (in Greek, “ice” sounds like “crystallos”).

Rock crystal contains inclusions in the form of rutile or tourmaline needles, sometimes gold. The varieties of this mineral include smoky crystal – rauchtopaz, yellow crystal – citrine, rose quartz – amethyst.

Black, translucent rock crystal crystals are called morion. Occultists believed that morion promotes and facilitates communication with the world of the dead.

Rhinestone is found in the horoscope of different signs of the zodiac. With his purity, calmness and composure, he could be useful for Libra to achieve harmony and balance, for Aquarius to maintain high ideals and foresee the future.

Even Leo, the sign of the Sun, in one of the horoscopes claims to be rhinestone, apparently, to cool the temperament. Well, and Aries, whose stone is a diamond (transparent and colorless), in case of financial difficulties, can purchase more affordable rhinestone.

The Greeks and Romans have long used rock crystal for all kinds of decorations, vases, dishes, cups, which were covered with fine and beautiful carvings.

Particularly popular in ancient times were “fire glasses” – balls of rock crystal, with the help of which doctors in Rome did cauterization of wounds. For the same purposes, priests in Tibet used crystal.

This application has a purely physical basis. The sun’s rays passing through the quartz become capable of killing pathogenic bacteria. In modern medicine, the action of an ultraviolet quartz lamp is based on this principle. The priests also called such rays “divine fire” and used them to kindle fire in the altars.

And for divination, the so-called “crystal ball of magicians” was used. It served so that sorcerers and wizards could focus their attention on it when performing magical actions.

Mediums, in order to fall into a trance, rotated a crystal ball suspended on a silk thread around their axis. Looking at the glare and reflections that the ball poured, they reached the required state.

As a talisman, rhinestone, making a person super-receptive, multiplies his abilities. It helps to develop sensory abilities, facilitates telepathic contact, and generally gives a person the ability to communicate at a distance with living objects.

As an amulet, crystal cleans any space around the wearer from negative influences. It is the sharp ends of the crystals that are purifiers: pure and light energy flows from them into space.

If the crystal is difficult to reach, you can use the drop or oval shape. The ball does the same work, but the energy is distributed in a different way.

Crystal is called the “skin of the planet” through which you can feel space. The transparent mineral is believed to be associated with our supersensory perception. A ring with crystal put on for the night gives a restful sleep, relieving nightmares and bad thoughts.

Another well-known method is to put an untreated rock crystal at the head of the bed overnight. During the day, it warms up, saving from chills and preventing you from freezing. Wearing a stone in a bracelet helps with gallbladder diseases.

In Indian and Tibetan medicine, rock crystal plays a leading role. It is believed that its energy easily adjusts to the frequency of human vibrations, regulates and stabilizes them.

Tibetan lamas call the crystals of rock crystal “alive”, because their six faces symbolize the six chakras of a person, converging to the top – the seventh chakra, which is directed upward into the Cosmos. They use a crystal ball to open their third eye.

Rock crystal promotes growth and development. Rock crystal heals the mind and spirit and is capable of transforming habitual mental attitudes, primarily fears.

  • To do this, retire in a semi-dark room, sit cross-legged, and take a rock crystal in your hands. Try to feel how it tune in to your individual energy.
  • Peer into the depths of the stone: it is believed that in this way you can enhance psychic abilities. Then place the crystal on the “center of fear,” that is, the solar plexus, and face your fear.
  • Do not resist, let into your consciousness all doubts associated with this challenge. Then ask the stone for guidance on how to handle it. The crystal will show you a constructive solution to the problem, and fear will give way to satisfaction. When finished, clean the crystal thoroughly.

Rock crystal attunes people to each other and connects them together, if they have to part, for this each person must save one stone.

For therapeutic purposes, crystal was used to increase milk supply in nursing mothers and wet nurses. In this case, the crystal is recommended to be worn in the form of long beads reaching the chest. If worn on the right side of the body in the area of ​​the liver and gallbladder, then it normalizes the functions of these organs.

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