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The planchette familiar to us from many films for spiritualistic seances with the letters of the alphabet, numbers from 1 to 10 and the words yes and no printed on it, was invented in the 19th century. by the American E.S. Reiche.

It is called the Talking Board, or Ouija board.

The name Ouija was allegedly inspired by the perfume inventor. As he argued, in the ancient Egyptian language, this word means good luck.

According to another version, Ouija is a combination of two words meaning yes: French “oui” and German “ja”.

The main element of this spiritualistic device is a pointer, which points to the letters either with a sharp end or with an empty window. During the session, two or more people focus their attention on the question being asked and lightly touch the index with their fingers.

By moving it slightly on the board, the fortuneteller feels the response of the pointer, which by itself begins to mark certain letters that form the words of the answer.

Many people believe the board’s predictions after making sure it works. Others refuse to believe because they were burned. Both are right in their own way.

Very often people have a seance as entertainment. To impress, or just to have some fun.

They ask different questions to the spirits, knowing the answer in advance, and they themselves answer, deftly pushing the pointer towards the desired symbols.

But there are institutions where spiritualism is treated as a serious science. People gather not for fun, but in order to look beyond the border. Find out your future, remember the past, and at the same time understand the present.

Boards act by warning, advising, directing, just telling. The Ouija board has existed since time immemorial. It appeared before chess and cards, which, as is known, have accompanied man for many centuries, having arisen in ancient civilizations.

According to legend, for the first time the Ouija board was used in the temples of Set, an evil ancient Egyptian deity (the prototype of Satan or the devil).

Her device was slightly different from the current one. Instead of a pointer, a gold ring was used, suspended by a long thread over a huge round table. On the surface of the table, hieroglyphs and magical symbols were carved.

However, even now, there are those who like to combine the board not with a pointer, slider, saucer or glass, but with a reliable and proven pendulum.

The medium board was revived in its present form in 1889 when brothers William and Isaac Fuld of Baltimore showed it to the American public.

Despite the complete absence of advertising, the board was snapped up like hot cakes. And not as a toy, but as a device thanks to which it was possible to communicate with loved ones who died in battles (the board was especially popular during the two world wars).

By 1960, the Fald family could no longer cope with orders for “witch boards”, and the Parker brothers began to manufacture them. They are currently the sole owners of the rights to manufacture Ouija boards.

It is believed that in the old boards, already used for divination, there are traces of the connection with the spirits who came to the call.

So, jewelry in the form of miniature ouija, and even with a stylized slider, is a kind of hand-held perfume. Advisors or just sentimental companions.

Since the 60s of the last century, talking boards have experienced a new revival of interest in them. Now it is already a matter of honor for many sorcerers and witches to make their own board with a unique design. Moreover, it is not that difficult.

The Ouija board is made of any kind of wood, the same type should also be a sign with three wooden ball-hinges at the base for easy movement on the board.

The witch’s board must contain the required symbols: alphabet (any), answers “yes”, “no”. All other decorations are made at the request of the author.

The pointer should at least approximately resemble an arrow in shape, with a hole in the middle. Sometimes it is made in the form of a rosette, but then one of the petals must be selected.

When talking with the spirit, he either answers the questions yes and no in monosyllables, or he writes sentences using your alphabet.

No specific magic skills are required to create a board. If you want to make a board, you need quality wood, wax, and varnish. Wood is best taken from hard species.

The board is carefully strung out, skinned. The ease of movement of the indicator slider depends on the quality of its surface treatment. After that, the necessary symbols are burned on it.

In order not to create a tangible relief, you can use “chemical burning” – to draw inscriptions and images with a brush and a strong solution of potassium permanganate. It will turn out even more accurately using a pre-prepared stencil.

You can draw a board design, print a sheet on a printer in the size of a planchette and stick it on the prepared surface.

It is worth remembering that you need to retreat from the edges to a sufficient distance so as not to create inconvenience during the session.

The workpiece is rubbed with wax, after which it is covered with a uniform layer of varnish, so that there are no smudges, and the surface is smooth.

The slider-pointer, also made from any tree, can be of various shapes. For more convenience, the slider has two pointers. Main (arrow) and center (hole in the center). This simplifies the work, as it allows you to reduce the movement of the slider across the board.

The arrow points to the top two rows of characters and the center pointer points to the bottom rows. A semicircle should also be drawn on the board. The slider is placed in it before the start of the session. This is the starting point. You have crafted a traditional Ouija board.

But you can use a much simpler option. You can use a sheet of paper, and take a regular porcelain saucer or glass as a slider.

You just need to draw an arrow on it – a pointer. Throughout their history, boards have been made of marble, stone, glass, leather, clay and God knows what else.

In order for you to succeed at least something, you must at least once participate in a session.

The board can only be launched by someone who once communicated with her colleague. The tradition is reliably passed from hand to hand to all new generations.


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