Pine Cone Jam

Preparing dishes

For cooking jam, ordinary dishes are taken – enameled or copper pots, basins or stainless steel products.

You can pour the finished jam into small, cleanly washed and dried jars, store it in the fridge or in a cool dark place, depending on the lids.

Fruit preparation

So, about collecting cones. In different climatic zones, their formation on trees occurs in different ways. Sometimes they are ready for use from mid-May to early June.

Only those cones that can be cut with a knife or pierced with a fingernail are suitable for cooking jam, their length ranges from 1 to 4 cm.

It is necessary to choose only those bumps that are just beginning to open, they are green and have not yet had time to stiffen.

Make sure that the tree is not affected by insects – in this case, move away from it. We choose about a kilogram of cones the size of a walnut.

Recipe 1


  • pine cones – 1 kg
  • sugar – 1 kg
  • water – 10 glasses

Cook the jam in three stages.

On the first, we sort out and wash pine cones in cold water, place them in a cooking container and fill them with water so that it covers the cones a couple of centimeters from above.

Close with a lid and simmer on fire for 30 minutes, leave to infuse for 12 hours in a dark place.

The second stage: we separate the liquid from the cones and mix the resulting green broth and delicious aroma with sugar (1:1). Cook the syrup over low heat until the jam stops spreading.

The finished jam has a rich dark raspberry color. At the last stage, add a few cones from the broth to it and after 5 minutes of boiling, pour it into glass jars.

Recipe 2 – Honey

Fill the collected and sorted cones with water so that it covers the cones. In this case, sugar is added immediately (sugar and water 1: 1), after dissolving, simmer over low heat for an hour and a half, while removing the foam.

The honey is transparent, with slightly reddish cones soaked in syrup.

Recipe 3 – Sunny Jam

Rinse young cones, sort out and cut into pieces, roll in sugar. Lay the resulting sweet mixture in layers in jars, additionally sprinkling with sugar.

Cover the top layer with sugar and put the jar in the sun. In order for the air to pass through, the jar must be covered with gauze or a light natural napkin.

As the sugar dissolves and syrup is formed, periodically shake the jam, after the sugar is completely dissolved, the sunny jam is ready.

Store it in a cool, dark place under a tight lid.


Jam of green pine cones helps in the treatment of diseases such as colds, flu, upper respiratory tract diseases (cough, bronchitis, pneumonia), bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, throat and gum disease, vitamin deficiency, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, exhaustion of the body, with low hemoglobin, chronic fatigue, as a general tonic.

Restores immunity.


It is worth noting that even natural medicines require moderation in use. Pine cone jam, taken in large quantities, can cause headaches and even stomach inflammation.

People with kidney diseases, as well as pregnant women and the elderly, need to be careful. And, finally, such treatment is absolutely contraindicated in the acute course of hepatitis.

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