Song of Power

From the point of view of shamans, each person should have a personal song of Power, with the help of which he could summon his Guardian Spirits, assistants and allies in difficult times.

The search for such a song in ancient times was accompanied by various trials, hardships and meditation. One heard her motive in the whistle of the wind, another – in the creak of taiga cedars, the third – in the murmur of a mountain stream.

According to ancient ideas, a correctly performed song causes a certain oscillation of space, both internal (human) and external (universal). A melody is the tuning of two spaces that begin to oscillate in unison.

During shamanic chanting, you sing from a source that is greater than yourself. You simply connect to it and it is not you who are singing the song, but the song as energy passes through you.

Vibrations of notes in the voice and in the fourth chakra of the throat stimulate response vibrations in the universe. Everything is connected. What you send to the World, the World then returns to you.

The harmony arising from the singing of the song of the Force is considered as a bridge along which the words of the song reach other tiers of the universe and convey the will of the performer to the spirits.

By opening your Power song, you also open up memory access. It is the memory of all your lives, it is the memory of your being, of who you are.

In a word, the composition of the Song is a traditional magical work and, like any other, it should be preceded by meditation, inner silence and a calm, light mood.

The song can be composed in motion or at rest, you can, of course, combine. You can use melody, vowels, existing languages, or sing in a completely unfamiliar language to create a Power song.

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  1. I would like a personal song of power. you say memory of all your lives. does that refer to reincarnation? by the way we are visiting sweden and norway and we’ve been looking at a lot of runestones lately.

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