The mineral got its name from the Sinhalese “turamali” — multi-colored, mixed.

Tourmaline is the only stone known to man has a constant electric charge, for which it is called a crystal magnet.

In the old days, the Dutch called the stone “pulling tobacco” and used it to clean the pipes from ash.

The color range of natural tourmalines includes all the colors of the rainbow.

Pink and red ones are called rubellites, cherry and red-violet colors are called sibirites or daurites, blue-blue ones are indigolites.

A green nugget is verdelite, black is sherl, yellow-brown is dravite, olive in the rays of the sun and reddish under artificial light is chameleonite.

Achroite is a rare colorless or nearly colorless variety. Stones with a green rim and a red center are called watermelon, and colorless stones with black heads are called “the head of a moor.”

Rubellite harmonizes the heart chakra, helps to reveal and develop talents. It is the talisman of artists: it gives recognition and activates creative powers.

Verdelite absorbs excess energy, calms the mind and nervous system, heals heart disease. With its help, you can solve problems with blood pressure, relieve asthmatic attacks.

Sherl manipulates negativity by deflecting it rather than absorbing it like most black stones do. This creates a completely different concept for wearing a black stone – it doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly.

Sherl becomes a protective armor for someone who is susceptible to negative energies, creates a protective field around such a person. Therefore, he is a wonderful talisman that helps to cope with negative emotions, grief, physical and mental pain, patching energy holes in the aura.

Black tourmaline draws out fears from a person if you put him at his feet next to the bed. The stone is able to develop qualities such as seriousness, self-control, discipline and endurance in a person.

As amulets, tourmalines of all kinds keep youth and strength, strengthen marriages and promote childbirth.

Tourmaline is an effective remedy for oncological processes: it slows down the growth of cancer cells.

Chakras: black tourmaline — Manipura, Svadhisthana; red — Muladhara; green — Anahata; blue — Ajna, Vishuddha.

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