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Once upon a time in Denmark there lived a hero-king who died on the battlefield. The war was hot, and among the bodies of the king they did not find, or maybe they did not look for it.

By nightfall, the crows circling over the field descended on the field, and one of them landed directly on the broken chest of the king.

The bird tasted the shards of armor with its hard beak, the echoing bone of the rib and saw in the light of the moon the king’s heart, shining like white gold.

And then the raven ate the royal heart.

This is how the valravn appeared – a raven endowed with super-natural abilities: he received wisdom and human knowledge, could change his form, lead people astray and arrange evil tricks.

Born of blood, his very character became as dark as the color of his feathers. Valravn can turn into a knight if he tastes the blood from a child’s heart.

Someone says that he takes the form of a huge bird, someone that he looks like a wolf with raven wings.

The Danes say that the homeless soul of a knight, which will never find redemption, can also become a valravne.

They have a legend about how the valravn once helped one girl and instead of payment he took from her a promise that she would give him her first child.

The frivolous maiden agreed, and the raven flew away, but after a while she got married, became pregnant, and a beautiful child was born to her.

One evening, when the woman was cradling the baby, the sound of wings rang out, and the valravn flew into the room and sat at the head of the cradle, cursing the mother for forgetting about their deal.

It was not possible to deceive the crow, and he took the child, flew to his nest, where he got to the heart of the child and drank the blood from there.

As soon as he swallowed the last drop, he found the ability to turn into a knight during the day, and at night – a raven.

However, valravn, as a creature already more powerful than a common raven or even a person, can help ward off trouble or achieve prosperity.

However, it must be remembered that he was born of blood, and the payment for his services will be difficult and certainly bloody.


Taylor Bloom

My credo is only reliable information and my goal is the synergy of traditions with modern knowledge, because only the best is worth taking from life.

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November 8, 2022

Ravens and crows are smart birds

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