Witch’s Runes

At the moment, there is an active debate on the Internet about how ancient and powerful these symbols are. Someone considers them worthless remakes, someone claims that over the centuries of persecution of witches, information about these runes could disappear or be passed on from mouth to mouth.

On some sites, along with the runes, a book by Susan Sheppard is also sold. There is also an opinion that 13 witch runes mean 8 holidays of the Sabbats according to the Wheel of the Year and, by analogy with the pentacle, 5 runes are the designation of 4 elements and spirit.

There are also sets of 8 and 10 runes and it should be noted that a set of eight runes is slightly different in signs from a set of thirteen.

When fortune-telling, only those runes are taken into account, which lie with the symbol up. The rune that lies farthest from the fortuneteller has the greatest influence.


As the name suggests, this is a woman’s rune. Healing and magic, witchcraft and mystery. This symbol can be correlated with the heroine of the epic of Karelian-Finnish folk songs (runes), the daughter and mother of the waters of Ilmatar.

She is also represented as the Virgin Mother in the Germanic epics of the Middle Ages. This female symbol is full of secrets and mysteries, like a true woman. It was also used in ancient times, associated with magic and witchcraft.

And what does this rune mean besides magic? This is a mild impact. Events will develop in the right direction, but slowly and gradually without sudden jolts and changes.


Strength and defense, assertiveness and efficiency, struggle and victory. If this rune falls on the “advice” position, then its interpretation is unambiguous – it is time to go into battle.

Now is not the time to hesitate and hesitate, you need to start active actions and fiercely defend your interests. One has to become as hard as a stone.

If this rune fell out in the context of a person, then this is, of course, a man who has not only strong energy, but also a well-developed intuition.


The rune depicts a sprouting grain and, therefore, the time for change is clearly beginning. Improving your financial situation, a time of growth, the emergence of positive emotions and receiving rewards in various areas of life.

This rune predicts the appearance of something new and important in life. This rune also says that at the moment you have every chance to turn your weaknesses into advantages, as well as get well-deserved rewards.


Crossroads are generally actively used in witchcraft, especially in “black” magic. At the same time, the crossed paths have their own special power, which is used in a variety of traditions.

At the same time, the crossroads is a symbol of a certain choice and opportunities will move in a completely different direction of their life, change its “course”.

This rune can have different interpretations. The intersection is a choice of direction, but it can also be a kind of warning sign, since the picture shows crossed spears.


A very positive and encouraging rune. This is both daydreaming and the ability to achieve your ideals. And a sign that the chosen path is correct.

Move on boldly – you deserve help along the way. In a love position, this rune predicts a high probability of a new romance.

She also harbors spiritual gifts and material values. And do not forget that a star is also a work with your energies.


Waves are the movement of water. Water, which is swift and boundless, strong and sometimes merciless. But what is this movement aimed at? What can it do – push and give strength or sink?

Water is always mysterious and unpredictable. The rune of water represents charm, poetry, art, charm. But at the same time, this rune can carry both uncertainty and loneliness.

If you are looking for a clear answer to a question, then when this rune falls out, do not expect clarity – the questions will remain unresolved for now.


Most often it symbolizes drastic changes in various areas of life.

If you are waiting for advice, then the rune tells you that you urgently need to change everything and look at the situation from a completely different angle, or radically change the strategy of your behavior, and, if necessary, give up a lot.

It can also mean that you missed a lot, and the time for the question that interests you is long gone.


This rune of witches suggests that the time has come to change the perception of the surrounding world. Now you can look at and evaluate reality under a different focus.

In the position of the magical aspect, she talks about high magic, about incredible abilities and psychic powers that you can call, and also about the fact that you have the ability to change many things thanks to your connections with divine sources, egregors.

As a piece of advice, this rune recommends that you begin to actively study something to solve certain situations, set aside all hesitation and try to find what at first glance is hidden from view.

As for the development of future events, the rune of the eye suggests that surprises and shocks may await you ahead.


The rune of energy and light, warmth and joy. The sun gives us light that heals and dispels darkness. This is a positive rune, indicating fertility (success in business), healing (recovery) and creative power.

If you ask a specific question about a certain situation in the future, then it will be resolved in a very positive way for you.

The advice of this rune is to go forward and boldly take steps, since they will not lead anything bad at the moment, but will only give positive emotions and joy.


The moon is mysterious, beautiful and powerful. The lunar rune also reflects the really deep meaning of the moon, with which every person has a connection. The magic of the moon is strong and it is not for nothing that the gypsies called this rune as a hand of protection.

This rune may indicate that it is possible to answer a question to your dreams. She suggests using your imagination in the right situations.

The rune of the moon also reminds us of the experience and knowledge, habits and memory through which we pass, sometimes even refusing to move forward.


It symbolizes everything that is outside the material world. Intuition, an important thought, an interesting dream – all this fills our life.

Why flight? Here you can draw analogies with birds, which were often used as messengers, transmitting important information in a letter attached to them.

Receiving important news and news – having seen the Rune of flight, you can be sure that the necessary and possibly radically changing your life information is already on the way.


What are rings? Now this symbol would seem to be clear to everyone – connected rings symbolically signify the creation of marriage, the union of two loving hearts.

But besides this, rings in a broader and more ancient sense also mean a vicious circle, restriction, slavery.

In the predictive aspect, the rune of the rings shows you a possible conclusion of an alliance, deal, marriage, obligation, business deal.


Despite the name, this rune has a deeper meaning. This is the process of developing relationships, long-term attraction, erotic love.

A new romance can cause instant attraction and attraction, but this relationship can cause the deepest emotional attachments. Difficult relationship with karmic connections.

An unexpected attraction to a person outside of your circle. Interesting relationship with rapid development.

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